For our Posterity: The Creation of the U.S. Constitution and Georgia’s Role in Securing the Dream of Liberty

Course participants will gain a better understanding of the Constitutional Convention and the role Georgians played in the creation and ratification of the most important document in American history. The course will explore several questions: What led to the 1787 Constitutional Convention? What was the Constitutional Convention and how did it work? Who were the Georgia delegates and what role did they play? What were the major issues debated at the Constitutional Convention? How did the states react to the proposed document?

Introduction to Primary Sources for the Classroom

Are you a Georgia educator looking to incorporate primary sources in your classroom? This free online course offers an introduction to primary sources with an emphasis on finding primary sources to incorporate in your curriculum. The course is self-paced, so feel free to complete units out of order, skip units that don't interest you, and stop and start as often as you need.

Virtual Internship Pilot

This course was developed for participants in the GHS Virtual Internship Pilot Program. The modules in this course will provide interns with information on the Georgia Historical Society, primary sources, copyright law, citation best practices, and tools for finding proper citations specifically for images on the Georgia Studies Images website.