Opening America’s Archives: Using Primary Sources Across Disciplines

Online portal for the July 2013 Professional Development course.

Module 1 Introduction to the Library of Congress
Unit 1 Introduction to the Library of Congress Self-Paced Module
Module 2 Introduction to the Georgia Historical Society
Unit 1 Overview
Unit 2 Welcome to Hodgson Hall
Unit 3 The Life of a Collection
Unit 4 Educational Resources
Module 3 Primary Sources, Historical Inquiry, and CCGPS
Unit 1 Why Primary Sources
Unit 2 Raw Materials of History
Unit 3 Engaging
Unit 4 Across Disciplines
Unit 5 Historical Inquiry
Unit 6 Primary Sources and CCGPS
Module 4 Where to Find Primary Sources - State and Local
Unit 1 Statewide Institutions
Unit 2 University/College Special Collections
Unit 3 Gateway to State & Local Resources
Module 5 Where to Find Primary Sources - National and Global
Unit 1 National
Unit 2 Global
Module 6 Library of Congress Copyright and Primary Sources
Unit 1 Library of Congress Copyright Self-Paced Module
Module 7 Mastery Verification Elements
Unit 1 One-Page Explanation
Unit 2 Annotated Bibliography
Unit 3 One Instructional Lesson Plan
Unit 4 Submmision
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