Introduction to Primary Sources for the Classroom

Are you a Georgia educator looking to incorporate primary sources in your classroom? This free online course offers an introduction to primary sources with an emphasis on finding primary sources to incorporate in your curriculum. The course is self-paced, so feel free to complete units out of order, skip units that don't interest you, and stop and start as often as you need.

Module 1 Why Primary Sources
Unit 1 The Argument for Primary Sources
Unit 2 Raw Materials of History
Unit 3 Engaging
Unit 4 Primary Sources Across Disciplines
Module 2 Primary Sources at the Georgia Historical Society
Unit 1 Introduction to the Georgia Historical Society
Unit 2 GHS Research Center
Unit 3 The Life of a Georgia Historical Society Collection
Unit 4 Educator Resources from the Georgia Historical Society
Module 3 Finding Primary Sources Online
Unit 1 Library of Congress and the National Archives & Records Administration
Unit 2 Digital Public Library of America and Internet Archive
Unit 3 Georgia Institutions
Unit 4 Primary Sources for World History
Module 4 Copyright and Citations for Primary Sources
Unit 1 Copyright Issues for Primary Sources
Unit 2 Citations for Primary Sources
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